A Trip to the Culture of Lapland

Lapland is a land of opposites: the alteration of light and dark and vast fells represent the versatility of the local culture. Lapland lives and breathes old legends and amazing history. You can feel the contrast of east and west as well as the nearness of the Arctic Ocean. Lapland is a land where people are constantly in touch with arctic nature. This versatility is wonderfully present in the paintings of Reidar Särestöniemi, an artist from Kittilä. In his paintings Särestöniemi portrayed the people and Lapland in all their colourful glory. The northern culture is still very much about a conversation between people and nature. In Lapland, nature takes the leading role. Discover all that Lapland’s culture offers with Polar Star Travel.

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Yes, it’s true. We are going to open a secret of Finnish wellbeing! Sauna is a way of life for Finns, our source of relaxation and positive thinking.

from 75 €

Unusual barrel sauna in the middle of the forest with its unique steam effect just for you and your close ones. Let it be your special evening!

from 210 €

Magical trip to Santa Claus office in Rovaniemi! The Santa Claus Office is located in a very special place: right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi.

from 105 €

This kilometer long tour starts and ends at the reindeer farm ”Sammun Tupa”. This family owned old farm is hidden in the forest and gives you a feeling of pure Finnish tranquility and harmony.

from 88 €

Let’s start our journey to the northern fairy tale! Mysterious glittering of the snow in the forest, moonlit road and stars above your head…

from 140 €

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