Polar Star Travel Staff

Hello! We would like to show you the best of arctic nature in Lapland. We are enthusiastic about what we do and we want you to have a thrilling, memorable and safe holiday in Lapland. We are here to listen and help you and also find that special something that you might be searching. See you in Levi!

Heidi Jokela

I am originally from Helsinki, but have lived abroad for more than 15 years. When I came back to Finland I wanted to move to Levi in Lapland. I love arctic nature; it inspires me every day, all year round. Standing on top of a fell I am empowered by the light of summer nights when the sun does not set. The blue hour mesmerises me and the January frost pinches my cheeks as I walk in my snowshoes in the midst of snow-covered and curled old pines. I enjoy a fresh and crisp autumn morning when the dwarf shrubs of fells with their vivid colours are covered by a thin veil of white frost. Skiing on the white spring snow relaxes my mind and time and rush melt away under the bright sunshine. I’m an Aurora hunter who crams kids in the car and drives to the middle of nowhere. Here my soul is ablaze with the Aurora and I feel like dancing to the beat of this tremendous energy. This the landscape of my soul. Would you also like to experience it?


Juha Jokela

I am from a Lapp through and through, born and raised in the village of Sirkka at the foot of the Levi fell. My family has lived by the River Ounasjoki for more than 500 years, so Lapland is in my genes. I have rambled in the Levi lands in each season of the year so I am familiar with the local and versatile nature. I enjoy doing things in nature and having a proper cup of coffee, which is best when you drink of a guksi (wooden mug), in these majestic surroundings. I like to do things my way. Real freedom to me is when I can leave my watch home and spend the whole day warming up the smoke sauna and then relax in the sauna breathing in the mellow löyly.



Lapland gave me wings. My heart sings when I stand on top of the fell and look around. Here you can feel the power and importance of nature. Knowledge that carries on from generation to generation. Mesmerised, you try to pour this wisdom into you.

Lapland is cosy, quiet and safe. It is warmth of a fire place and good food; it is a long winter’s evening and passing down a tradition and being kind and caring.

Lapland is filled with magic. It is a glistening, snowy tree; the dance of Aurora in the dark sky. It is summer that wakes nature and gives you its blessing: midnight sun that makes your energy flow.

Lapland is all of this. And more. It is different for everyone, but here you will find what you were looking for.




In 1988 I left my small village and went abroad to work as a tour guide. I was a guide in several locations for about 13 years. During those years I gained a lot of experience and knowledge of many countries, continents, languages, cultures, religions, history and e.g. animals and plants. Being a tour guide abroad was a life-changing and mind-opening experience.

I returned to my home farm in 2001. For about 19 years I worked at Visit Levi and then came to work here at Polar Star Travels. Sometimes, however, I can’t resist the call of the microphone and do a bit of guiding. I am happy to share the wonders of my home and land. Time stops in Lapland – this miraculous event is open to all our guests.

In my home village of about 20 people the daily grind disappears. Glorious lake views and silence are exactly what we need to forget the hustle and bustle of work – even the most seasoned traveller will be able to rest their mind and soul here.




My brief visit to the north years ago has turned into an adventure that I could not have anticipated.

Earlier, the word “northern” only made me think of cold. I wanted to understand what is and came here – a moment I don’t regret. I was greeted by pure, untouched nature, amazing wintry scenery, Aurora and the pink and red sky during the polar winter, the endless days of summer and the breath-taking range of autumn colours that I had never seen before.

Local culture and people vibrate on the same wavelength with nature and complement each other as if one form of life.

I have combined my work and hobby. I have the pleasure to share this with those who don’t yet know that the north is more than just cold.




I fell in love with Lapland over 20 years ago when a friend from Lapland – now my husband – took me to a marsh to pick cloudberries in the midst of my studies. Taking a chic girl from Paris to a marsh does not sound like such a good idea (mosquitoes!!!), but it worked for me: I loved the marsh, I loved its scent, fells… Everything. Walking on the marsh was like walking on the moon. The story goes: I and my husband will live happily ever after and one day I will turn into a cloudberry that grows in the landscape of Lapland that I love (yes indeed!).