Lapland is amazing in any season, either with silver snowy trees or with colorful autumn fells.

Summer gives lots of opportunities to have fun and spend fantastic holiday in Lapland. We have everything that you need for the best summer holiday ever: beautiful nature, green forests, thousands of lakes, activities for every taste.
After a magic period of Northern Lights comes our Midnight sun time. Nightless nights when the sun never sets below the horison. Nature tries to catch up after long winter using all 24 hours of sunshine, everything is in blossom, birds are signing, air is full of the smell of Lappish herbs.
Imagine yourself standing on the top of the fell at midnight, enjoying sunrays and unforgettable sceneries. Invigorating power of Midnight sun fills you with incredible energy, you feel as if you can fly.
Be pioneer, be adventurous. Visit Lapland.

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Polar Star Travel - Activities

Summer activities

hikingHiking for pleasure lovers

The pleasure lover takes the gondola up to th eLevi fell in oder to enjoy the view without much physical strain. We will start at Levinportti and walk along the beautiful route at the fell side to the Gondola lift which takes us to th etop of Levi. We will visit the top of Levi (531 meters above sea level) and view the spectacular scenery. On our way down, we will stop at a Lapp hut for a coffee break with grilled sausages. The trip will then continua at a leisurely pace towards the front slope. On the way down, the guide will enliven the journey with stories of the Lappish way of life.
Duration: app. 3 hours

River rafting with an inner tubetyre

Have a go at an unforgettable spped-filled experience, by shooting clear Lappish river rapids with an inner tube! The tube spins, water splashes and laughter comes easily! Under the leadership of the guide, we will study and plan the route in advance. We will put an appropriate gear for rapid shooting and jump into the water at the upper reaches of the rapids. In the water, we are taught how to control the tyre. Then we are ready to proceed to the steeper foaming section! The guide goes first and her intrepid students will follow. We will enjoy the foaming clear water as we head downstream. We come ashore in the backflow.
Duration: app. 2 hours

Canoe tour to the river Ounasjoki

Paddling is an easy way to travel in the wilderness. We meet at Levi from where we have a transportation to Taivaanvalkeat. We'll have a small tour in the yard and enjoy the Lappish architecture. Before we start to paddle, the guide tells about the paddling technique. Down the river we go! We paddle along the Ounas to Hirvasniemi, where we grill sausages. The bravest ones will have an opportunity to swim in the pure water of River Ounasjoki. Our trip continues to Hossansalmi, where the transportation is waiting to take us back to Levi.
Duration: app. 3 hours

Trip to Saana-fell and the Arctic ocean

We will leave Levi at 8 a.m. towards Kilpisjärvi. On our way guide will tell us about Lappish people life, culture and nature. We will stop at Arctic Knife stor efor shopping and enjoying coffee and some sweet breads. At Kilpisjärvi we will buy lunch for ourselves in Camping center. Then we will start climbing to one of Finland's famous fells, Saana. We will enjoy the mpost beautidul view on our way and at the top and also see the three countries border. When we come back from Saana-fell we continue trip to see the Arctic ocean. There we can refresh ourselves by swimming and also do shopping in local stores. After this lovely excursion we will head back to Levi with many new experiences.

Duration: all day, app. 14 hours

canoeMidnight canoeing trip

When the sun shines day and night we can go canoeing safely toone of Lapland's clearwater river. Enjoying the midnight sun we paddle little by little toward Levi. This is an unforgettable experience to those who love peace and silence. Before starting our trip the guide gives training of paddling techniques. We paddle with a special big canoe where everuone fits. On our way there are no strong rapids. We have a break on a small sandy bank where we enjoy some Lappish delicacies. There is also a possibility to have midnight swim in clean and fresh water which is a wonderful experience itself.
Duration: 2-3 hours

Horse riding

Steps in a pine forestHorse riding

Horses are ready to take you to the nearby surroundings on a step path and after information on how to handle a horse. Trip is also suitable for beginners and for advanced riders we will have an own group.

Duration: app. 2 hours

Evening ride

The horses are waiting for you ready and after safety instructions we start a one hour trail riding trip. With our guide, experience the magical twilight on a Finn horse. We try to arrange advanced riders and beginners in separate groups.
Duration: app. 2 hours

Two days trail riding

Two days trail riding in the genuine Levi landscape with original Finn horses and our guide. Overnight in Galleria&Kievari Raekallio in Pöntsö. Also suitable for beginners.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Food + Foragingforaging

Forage & Fire

Discover the unique Arctic environment through the abundance of food to be found in the forests and wetlands. Enjoy a lunch cooked over a fire surrounded by the beauty and natural delights of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.
Join us on a guided tour and learn to identify edible foods, collect wild herbs, flowers, nettles, wild blueberries, lingonberries, juniper berries and many varieties of mushrooms.
The path of our journey will be guided by what is seasonally available. We will forage on our way to a Lapland style hut and enjoy a meal cooked by the fire using locally sourced ingredients.
Duration: 5 hours

Forage, Cook & Feast

Experience the beauty and uniqueness of the Arctic through food. Enjoy the delights of eating wild foods grown in the beautiful and pure environment of Lapland.
First we forage, collecting our own food in the forests and wetlands of Lapland. Learn how to identify edible foods, collect wild herbs, flowers, nettles, wild blue berries, lingonberries and many varieties of mushrooms.
Then we feast! We take you to our kitchens to cook with the wild foods that we have collected, using contemporary Finnish home cooking recipes. Enjoy foods like blueberry pies, savoury nettle pies and lingonberry pastries. Group bookings only.
Duration: 4 hours

How to get here?

We operate in Levi, Kittilä, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle.
The distance between Kittilä and Helsinki, capital of Finland, is 960 km, only 1 hour and 25 minutes by plane. Kittilä can also be reached by train, bus or car.

Read more about travelling to Lapland.

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