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Experience the wild arctic nature
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Let the wild Arctic nature of Lapland embrace your soul, and feel the magic of the North!

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Experience the wild arctic nature.
Let the wild Arctic nature of Lapland embrace your soul, and feel the magic of the North!

Polar Star Adventure


Feel free, feel strong, explore Arctic fells, be part of wild Arctic nature. Ride in the snow and listen to the sound of your dog team pulling your sled. Feel fresh air on your skin and admire the frozen beauty of the pale blue light of the sun that stays below the horizon.

We call it an Adventure. The real Arctic one in which you play the leading role. Choose your style. Is it a husky dog team, a snowmobile or snow shoes? Or maybe you want to try ice karting or test your driving skills in a real rally car. Or maybe you wish to experience the northern lights extravaganza in Europe’s last wilderness? It is up to you to choose the activities for your once-in-the-lifetime adventure.

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Holiday accommodation in a log cottage or an igloo brings you close to nature.

We have selected a wide range of log cottages in Lapland, from small traditional cottages to luxury villas with all the amenities and more.

The villas offer the highest standard of accommodation with an enchanting atmosphere. Great comfort and luxury make your Lapland experience unforgettable. The villas can be rented with the services of a cook and a housekeeper or on a home only basis.

Spending a night in an igloo with a glass roof is a breathtaking experience. You are surrounded by stunning fell scenery, and you can feel the glory of nature whether it is winter or summer.

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Culture & Tradition

The contrasts between the east and the west, the Arctic Ocean and Lappish fells and light and darkness give the local culture its multi-faceted features.

Feel the culture of being a living part of nature and Lappish reality that the local artists convey to you. It is an experience that we truly recommend to all visitors to Lapland.

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Polar Star Travel - Sami Culture Experience

Wellbeing & Nature

Clean air, quiet way of life and deep inner peace are the foundations of Lappish wellbeing.

Open your mind to the spirit of nature and let Mother Earth in. Slow down and relax, allow yourself to let go of stress and worry. See constantly changing landscape in front of you and open skies, adorned with clouds, stars and magical northern lights above you. Listen to your inner voice and embrace the wellbeing you deserve.

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How to get here?

We operate in Levi, Kittilä, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle.
The distance between Kittilä and Helsinki, capital of Finland, is 960 km, only 1 hour and 25 minutes by plane. Kittilä can also be reached by train, bus or car.

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